Scope: The journal focuses on landscape and territorial research in its broad meaning. It encompasses all fields of geographical organization of phenomena in regions of different hierarchic level, functional and developmental perspectives of these phenomena and their mutual relations. The aim is to be the common platform for the publication of research on ecological and environmental problems, social dimension of a landscape, economic geography, regional development, cross-border cooperation and political issues influencing the landscape, landscape and territorial management and planning as well as new technologies applied at different scales and to solve various issues. Ideally, the papers should discuss the relevance of the methodical procedures and of the results for public sector and other sectors involved in landscape and territorial management and planning.

Types of papers: The journal welcomes papers that suite one of the following categories: original papers – main articles (6-12 pages, presenting new research results), discussion papers (6-12 pages, presenting thematically and/or regionally defined research and discussions) and technical communication (3-6 pages, presenting new techniques of research and an example of their application). The project and event reports may only be published after preliminary discussion with editorial board.

Audience: The journal addresses researchers in geographical and environmental issues, professionals as well as decision makers in regional development and landscape and territorial planning.

Bibliographic information:
ISSN: 1802-1115
Imprint: Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem
Commenced publication: 2006
Periodicity: 1 per year

Review process: The journal welcomes submissions of any subject-related manuscript that has not been published or is not considered under publication anywhere else, and all the co-authors agreed with submission. All manuscripts submitted as original papers, discussions and technical communications are reviewed. After receiving review(s), the editors make a decision from among several possibilities: accept (without revisions), accept (with revisions), decline (rejected usually upon the formal, interpretational or conceptual problems). Editors may return to reviewers for further advice in case where they disagree with each other, or where the author believes their ideas have been misunderstood. Editorial decision is usually made by handling editor, who may discuss particular manuscripts with other members of the editorial board or send the manuscript to third reviewer. The decision send to author is final.

Open-access policy: This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


The GeoScape is a reviewed geographical journal published online in the English or German language at the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Jan Evangelista Purkinje in Czechia.